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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Yes! My very own avatar! I actually post this on my FB profile! I need to use like....so many blue colours to achieve this!!! That is if I'm intending to be blue... Still, this is cool! All you have to do is upload your picture and they will create one for you. Unfortunately I would prefer to be called something like Nateo or Neytaro or maybe Neytia...but I do not see any connection with my real name and this name! Whatever...I'm officially a beautiful Na'vi!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Blue Magic

Sounded wrong innit? For those who are obsessed with Denzel's 2007 hit movie, then you know what I mean. Well this is not a lip colour...I use eye colour several sorts combined with glosses to make this...Jamie thinks its creepy but I think it's kinky...yes I think it is...you have something to say about that??? Lol I'm imagining myself saying that with an attitude...I would looove to have this look one day walking around the euro streets of Pavillion...aaahhh a sheer diva indeed!...I think...right?

due to boredom...

 I have tons of makeup and nothing to do so I have decided to play around using my own fluffy face while being observed by Jamie. Oh by the way Jamie is my sister who adores watching me even when I’m asleep. I blamed paps for taking the laptop away so here’s the result of a 12 am makeup…I call it the HARAJUKU HIJABI BARBIE!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

#4 Candy Makeup Tutorial

Who loves candy? I DO! Who hates candy? I DO! If I were to be placed in a mental asylum I would be a good patient...I'll paint the nurses wild!!! Candy Style!!!! Uh oh I think I am really going nuts!
Click HERE to watch Candy Makeup Tutorial

Canon Cam!

Uh oh....I actually sigh like I have never sighed before...Canon EOS 5D Mark II...21.1 MGP and they promised me that I would get to capture perfect photographic moments with just one shot.My cam is only 3 MGP..how lame...I think it's about 2 grand! Full set maybe more?? Who am I to assume? But I need it for my picture quality! Citibank Visa 12 months installment here I come!!

Photo mayhem!!

what is wrong with my pictures! why don't they as look good as I use to see them? BLAME IT ON THE CAM CAM CAM CAM EERAAAHHH!

Btw, can you imagine Jamie Foxx in Lilac Makeup? LMAO!!

3# Maquillage Jour Naturel

Natural Day Makeup! I do get a lot of requests on this...its this simple..you will never look natural without makeup...there! I've said it! Leave those naked face at home but use this simple method to look fresh and glowy! Remember DO NOT overdo your makeup or when blending...I really need to learn French!

Click HERE to watch Natural Day Makeup Tutorial